Visit of M. Michael THOMPSON, Deputy Mayor of Toronto

Visit of M. Michael THOMPSON, Deputy Mayor of Toronto

On the occasion of M. Michael THOMPSON’s, deputy Mayor of the City of Toronto, visit to France, Greater Paris Investment Agency has been called upon to organise part of his Parisian journey on October 7, 2019 and discuss solutions developped in Greater Paris for affordable housing.

Gathering key French players in the housing and real estate sector among Greater Paris Investment Agency‘s members, the meeting held on October 7, 2019 allowed them to challenge a vast range of issues, from innovations in terms of uses and funding to construction process, architecture or public consultation.

Greater Paris showcasing innovations for afforbable housing

Mrs. Valérie MAYER-BLIMONT, Vice-president of the Metropolis of the Greater Paris, welcomed the delegation at the Metropolis headquarters and provided M. THOMPSON with an overview of the metropolitan area, its governance scheme, the public body’s prerogatives and the momentum generated by the “Let’s Invent…” calls for projects.

Mrs. Valérie MAYER-BLIMONT, Vice-president of the Metropolis of the Greater Paris welcomes M. Michael THOMPSON, deputy Mayor of the City of Toronto, in Paris on October 7, 2019.

Economic and social innovations for affordable housing

Economic and social innovations for affordable housing were first developed by Xavier LEPINE, Chairman of La Française AM through “Property for Life”, a novel business model developed by the leading asset management group to ease home ownership for everyone in dense cities where rents get higher and higher.

Joachim AZAN, founding Chairman of Novaxia (French property developer leader in urban transformation) dealt with the transformation of offices into dwellings and how to accelerate the process to address the housing shortage crisis and lead to more inclusion in housing.

Tech innovations are also moving the real estate sector forward.

Bernard MICHEl, Chairman of Real Estech promoted the community of real estate entrepreneurs and innovators and the importance of engaging into a partnership-based approach for the sake of innovation in the real estate industry.

Thomas VENTURINI, cofounder and CEO of the startup Liberkeys, highlighted how Proptech is about to simplify real estate transactions and provide enhanced experience for customers.

Inclusive cities are able to federate public bodies and multiple urban players.

Charlotte GIRERD, Projects Manager at SNCF Immobilier (real estate division of SNCF group) explained how the City of Paris has set up a charter with main promoters to foster the temporary occupation of vacant land and develop new uses in temporarily empty spaces, therefore creating more social bonds and social diversity.

Raphaëlle VERT, Project Manager at Vinci, shared some feedbacks from the industrial demonstrator for sustainable cities “Rêve de scènes urbaines” and how the collaborative platform fosters innovation between public and private partners in line with the ecological transition.

Last but not least, Borina ANDRIEU, Managing director at Wilmotte & Associés, underlined the expertise acquired by the architecture studio throughout flagship projects developed in major Global Cities sharing the same issues with Toronto (renovation of industrial heritage, development of river banks…)

Michael THOMPSON concluded the afternoon by saying that Toronto adresses the same issues as Paris, opening the way for sharing best practices. « The Greater Paris project aims to make Paris one of the most attractive cities in the world to live in by implementing sustainable, resilient, and smart solutions to today’s major issues like affordability, transit and climate change »

A tour throughout Paris 13th arrondissement provided the delegation with a glimpse of work in progress when it comes to innovative housing approaches, from Station F campus to Paris Rive Gauche development zone.

The Grand Paris Makers gathered upon the visit of M. Michael THOMPSON, deputy Mayor of the City of Toronto, on October 7 to discuss housing innovation and present solutions implemented in Greater Paris.