Total creates a school dedicated to the industry of the future

Total creates a school dedicated to the industry of the future

In November, the oil group will lay the first stone of a school dedicated to jobs in the industry of the future on the Urban Valley campus in Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis). Run by the Total Foundation, the school will provide as of October 2020, free training for up to 500 young people who drop out of school every year.

The Total Foundation is building a 2,500 sqm facility in Stains to set up a training school dedicated to the industry of the future.

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Since March 2018, the Total Foundation has provided financial support to production schools (60 million over ten years) and has decided to go even further in its efforts to promote the education and integration of young people by creating a school for trades of the industry of the future.

The Urban Valley campus site in Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis) has been selected to implement this large-scale project, which will include three 1,000 sqm workshops, an outdoor area of 1,000 sqm and 400 sqm dedicated to digitisation. The design of the equipment was entrusted to Atelier Woa.

The foundation, which will invest around ten million euros per year in this project, targets young people aged 18 to 25 who are more likely to drop out of school, with an aim of welcoming between 300 and 500 women and men each year. “This school will train young people in both technical and soft skills, including cultural and sport activities from the very beginning of the training,” says Total. Learning will be based on innovative teaching methods such as “doing to learn”, project mode, reverse pedagogy and peer learning.

Meet the needs of the industry

“The school meets both the needs of young people willing to enter the job market and the needs of the industry. It is not intended to train workers directly for Total, but a job at Total is not excluded either. »

Free training courses will be offered in five sectors and nine skills: automated production line, inspection, digitisation (BIM modeler), maintenance of assisted robots… This school will also be recruiting at any time of the year and a customised programme will be offered to each young person.

As the construction work began during the summer, the official ceremony for the laying of the first stone is scheduled for November 20, 2019. The facility is expected to be operational in October 2020.

Originally published in Le Journal du Grand Paris (read French version here).