Beijing – Paris: connected metropolises

Beijing – Paris: connected metropolises

A delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Transports and Communications met with transport operators and representatives of Greater Paris on October 18, 2018. Greater Paris Investment Agency received them and recalled the assets of this unprecedented development project, and in particular the Grand Paris Express.

Autonomous vehicles and shared mobilities – Transdev group

Considering the number of international delegations visiting the Greater Paris, it cannot be denied that the project is attractive. Welcomed by Greater Paris Investment Agency, officials from the Chinese Minitry of Transports were keen on engaging the debates about shared issues in public transport and urban development.

M. Laurent MAZILLE, Head of public relations at Transdev group, provided an overview of French regulations and legal framework. He elaborated on the opening up to competition for public transport in Paris region and trends in urban mobility. Shared and autonomous vehicles were at the core of the discussion, yet technical questions were raised such as feedbacks from power supply to electric cars, charging systems, etc.

M. Laurent MAZILLE presented the strategy implemented by Transdev group, world leader in electric and hybrid buses.

A transport network interconnecting territories is the cornerstone of long-term attractiveness

If transports showcase French savoir-faire, our guests were not looking for technological innovations. The link between mobility and territorial attractiveness was central in the delegation’s points of interest, through the unique case of the Greater Paris.

The funding scheme of the Grand Paris Express metro network initiated fruitful discussions. Everyone eventually agreed that although issues are global, solutions depend on local characteristics reflected in the culture, history, and geography of each country.

« If solutions depend on the history and geography of each metropolis, cities face environmental issues that are today very similar » recalled Alexandre MISSOFFE

High interest for Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre, the Health territory

Amongst the territories of Greater Paris that bring attention of international stakeholders, Grand Orly Seine Bièvre is on top of the list and once again raised a specific request from high officials. Grand Paris Express, Orly airport, the connection between Rungis and Paris: all these points are intertwined and aroused the interest of the delegation, along with the territory’s assets and its specialisation as “Health Territory“.

M. Pierre PAUMELLE and M. Dominique ODOKINE introduced these assets, growth potential, investistment opportunities and Grand Orly Seine Bièvre’s position within the overall dynamics of the Greater Paris.

A follow-up of the discussion is expected to take place during the next visit of Greater Paris Investment Agency to Beijing.