Mobility study tour in Greater Paris with Swedish MPs

Mobility study tour in Greater Paris with Swedish MPs

Greater Paris offers strong inspiration to the entire world when it comes to transport-oriented development and new mobility scheme. An expertise shared by the Grand Paris Makers from the mobility sector as Greater Paris Investment Agency welcomed a delegation of Swedish Members of Parliament of the Transport Commission on October 10, 2019 for a dedicated study tour.

The delegation of Members of Sweden’s Parliament (Committee on Transport and Communications) was invited to start off the round of meetings with a visit on the ground. Swedish MPs were welcomed in metro line 14 Operating Control Room by RATP group top managers: Nicolas BLAIN, Head of International relations and European affairs at RATP group, Christophe PEREIRA-RAMOS, Communication and Quality Manager line 14, and Adrien DELANOË, Client and institutional stakeholders Manager, Business Unit Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

Delivering driverless operation with excellence standard and safety conditions ranked high in the delegation’s interest for this meeting.

The discussion continued at RATP headquarters where Swedish MPs met with Société du Grand Paris, SIEMENS, Sanef and other mobility players in Greater Paris.

Greater Paris Investment Agency has been asked by the Embassy of Sweden in France to set up a study tour in Greater Paris dedicated to innovation in transport for a delegation of Swedish MPS, members of the Committee on Transport and Communications. Here in the metro line 14 Operating Control Room run by RATP group.

Alexandre MISSOFFE, Managing director at Greater Paris Investment Agency, introduced the Swedish delegation with the ambition driving the Greater Paris project, namely to make Greater Paris one of the most attractive and sustainable cities in the world.

As such, Grand Paris Express represents the very backbone of the Greater Paris project: the future new metro network will indeed connect innovation clusters, entire neighbourhoods and international airports altogether within Paris metropolitan area.

He dealt with the governance scheme set up to achieve this ambitious goal, first and foremost the Société du Grand Paris, the State-owned company in charge of delivering Grand Paris Express metro network.

How to fund the biggest ongoing infrastructure project in Europe with an estimated cost of 35 billion euros? Vincent GAILLARD, its Financial director, described the basic funding framework implemented for the Grand Paris Express and how they diversify it by issuing green bonds.

Bertrand PICARD, Senior Vice-President, Head of Siemens Mobility Sales, presented how SIEMENS has been introducing high-performance driverless technology in Paris metro lines. SIEMENS will also provide the Grand Paris Express network with advanced automatic technology and implement systems in future trains and control stations, reducing the time interval between trains to less than 90 seconds at peak hour.

Guy FREMONT, Head of prospective and cross-sectional projects at Sanef gave an overview of innovations that are already being tested by the motorway management company on its network, such as contactless payment and sensors for autonomous vehicles.

Welcomed at RATP group headquarters, the Swedish delegation was particularly concerned with safety issues in transport and the governance scheme implemented to deliver Grand Paris Express, the future metro network for Greater Paris.