Branding Cities the exhibition

Branding Cities the exhibition

Engage further in the discussion about brands in cities: embark on a journey through 20 works of art and 5 French and international illustrators, gathered for a unique exhibition.

Romain Trystram, Docteur Paper, Antoine Corbineau, IC4DESIGN and eBoy invite you to explore cities, their brands and the striking symbols of the world’s leading metropolises.

The exhibition catalogue gathers the works exhibited in the Salons of Paris Ile-de-France regional Chamber of Commerce & Industry on March 5 during the Global Cities Makers Forum, supplemented by viewpoints about branding cities from Rémi Babinet (BETC), Manifesto, Joachim Azan (Novaxia) and Philippe Chiambaretta (PCA-STREAM).

The original scenography was designed by temaprod, which called on  Bellastock to provide re-use materials from SNCF railway construction sites. Wooden cleats were assembled to highlight the illustrations in the stunning interiors of the neoclassical Salons.

The exhibition catalogue