Attractivity Night 2019: Paris ranks 2nd worldwide for international investments

Attractivity Night 2019: Paris ranks 2nd worldwide for international investments

Greater Paris Investment Agency and Paris Region Entreprises organised the 2019 Attractivity Night on June 18th, with the participation of Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France Region, and Didier Kling, President of Paris Ile-de-France regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

For the 10th edition of the Global Cities Investment Monitor, Paris gets the second place in the ranking of metropolises attracting the most international investments worldwide.

Greater Paris Investment Agency and Paris Region Entreprises, the organisation in charge of the economic development of the Ile-de-France region, joined forces to organise the 2019 Attractivity Night.

Greater Paris, n°1 worldwide for R&D investments

Valérie Pécresse, President of Ile-de France Region, opened the night praising the results of the Global Cities Investment Monitor, performed every year by KPMG. Paris Region is, by far, the first region in the world for international Research and Development investments, with the establishment of 47 companies last year.

It also is the European region benefitting the most from Brexit with a record number of establishments and resettlements of companies within Paris region.

Didier Kling, president of the Paris Ile-de-France regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, called upon all players involved in the making of Greater Paris to continue their joint efforts, even though Greater Paris is already a very attractive global City which confirms its position as the world leading capital for Fairs and Conventions with the strong support of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

“Paris Region is the world n°1 region for R&D investments and n°1 in Europe to benefit from Brexit for the settlements of companies!”

Valérie Pécresse
President of Ile-de-France Region

© Greater Paris Investment Agency

“Joining forces to make Greater Paris win the Global Cities competition implies inventing a metropolitan model which combines growth and quality of life.”

Didier Kling
President of Paris Ile-de-France regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Paris, N°2 Global City in the world to draw international investors

Reinforcing last year’s dynamics, Paris is now second worldwide in the ranking of Global Cities that draw the most foreign investors. Paris Region also becomes the first region for international investments in all continental Europe.

In terms of international investors’ perception, the French capital ranks second for perceived attractivity by international investors. Plus, according to Opinion Way polling organisation, investors anticipate that Paris will reach the first place and become the world’s most attractive metropolis within three years.

What explains this first place is the fact that the people who answered the Opinion Way poll ranked Paris first place in training, size and access to the market, and quality of infrastructures (among which the Grand Paris Express and efficient airport hubs.

Alexandre Missoffe, Managing director at Greater Paris Investment Agency, et Nicolas Beaudouin, director of development at KPMG France, the results of the Global Cities Investment Monitor at the Attractivity Night.


© Greater Paris Investment Agency

Alexandre Missoffe, Managing director at Greater Paris Investment Agency, et Hugues Cazenave, CEO of OpinionWay explain the perception’s criteria for cities’ attractivity.


© Greater Paris Investment Agency

They chose Greater Paris

Over the course of the Attractivity Night, multiple foreign companies explained why they chose Greater Paris to develop their business.

Raphaël Goumain, marketing director of Google France, elaborated on the region’s assets, (local partnerships, study programs…), that made Google choose Paris region, specifically the Saclay campus.

Nicolas Sekkaki, CEO of IBM France, explained why the company decided to establish in the Paris Region and how it developed itself, in particular in the AI sector with the opening of an innovation and R&D center in Paris Saclay.

Astrome Technologies is the perfect example of a high-end company which chose Greater Paris for its pool of high skilled researchers, as its CEO, Neha Satak, pointed out.

In 2017, Erich Bonnet, CEO and founder of Smart Lenders AM, left London because of the Brexit, and chose Paris because of its developing AI sector and its privileged access to the European market.

From top to bottom, left to right:

Nicolas Sekkaki, CEO of IBM France

Neha Satak, CEO of Astrome Technologies

Raphaël Goumain, Marketing director at Google France

© Greater Paris Investment Agency

The Attractivity Night ended with the Prize of the international investor of the year awarded to Entrepreneur First and JST.

Entrepreneur First

Because the attractivity of a global city depends on its capacity to draw, train, and retain talents, Greater Paris Investment Agency and Business France are pleased to reward Entrepreneur First for its pioneer investment strategy: talent investing. Entrepreneur First invests in ambitious talents who want to become entrepreneurs before they even have a co-founder or an idea, to help them create a startup with a high impact potential.

Entrepreneur First opened its first Parisian program in October 2018 and plans on investing 20 million euros in France within the three upcoming years. The quality of education and research in scientific universities, the multiplication of important R&D centers, and the prestige of French schools are as many factors that ensure a large pool of future talented entrepreneurs that will guarantee the success of Entrepreneur First’s investment model.


JST is a Japanese group, worldwide leader in electronic connections. Paris Region Entreprises helped the group establish its European R&D center in Paris region (providing with 90 jobs over 3 years).

Christophe Lecourtier, CEO of Business France hands the Prize of the international investor 2019 to Entrepreneur First, represented by its General Manager France, Coralie CHAUFOUR.


© Greater Paris Investment Agency

Lionel Grotto, CEO of Paris Region Entreprises hands the prize to Patrice Blondel, advisor to President at Japan Solderless Terminal (JST)


© Greater Paris Investment Agency

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